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SKIN & COAT Instant Relief Healing Balm w/ Bug Repellent - Organic 60g **NEW**


Natural Dog Safe, DEET-Free blend: repels bugs, ticks, fleas

✔️SOOTHES, MOISTURIZES & REPAIRS dry cracked paw pads, skin inflammation, rashes, allergy irritations, redness, hot spots. Your dog's #1 ally for the outdoors: treats bug bites, cuts and small wounds.  






+An absolute must for your Canine Care & Safety Kit, our balm is made with only the highest quality, healing, Organic, NON-GMO, ingredients, to help your pup thrive and live her/his best Life!

☠️ IMPORTANT: please make sure to never use your own bug repellent on your dog, as it contains ingredients that are toxic to dogs, and could be dangerous for your sweetheart. Our balm is safe for your dog, and for the whole family :)

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  • Hand crafted in Montreal, Canada
  • With Vitamin E 
  • Superfood-rich nourishing restorative formula
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & anti-fungal
  • Keeps bugs at bay
  • Ideal for grooming regimen & odor management
  • Eliminates excessive skin & paw licking
  • Repairs painful dry skin & cracked pads
  • Relieves itchy allergy symptoms
  • Prevents & treats rashes
  • Hydrates dry and irritated ears, elbows & hot spots
  • Does not contain beeswax
  • Easy to apply, dries fast
  • Safe for all breads, ages and size 
  • Comes in a 60g (2oz) reusable tin can

Hand crafted with a proprietary blend of Organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic moringa oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E, organic chamomile, oil (geranium, organic rosemary, organic cedarwood, lemongrass, horsetail, sea buckthorn) - DEET-FREE

Apply pressure on balm with finger in circular motion, to get a creamy texture. For RELIEF, clean irritated area, then apply balm gently in small quantity, wherever needed on the body. To REPEL bugs, massage gently into fur, belly, legs, head, ears, tail for absorption. Avoid snout, mouth, eyes. Repeat once or twice daily for best results. 

At first, if applying the balm makes your pooch a little nervous, distracting her/him with treats and/or toys, will make for a more pleasant experience for all. And no worries, in no time your furkid will love the extra attention, and really enjoy her/his new spa treatments :)